Kieran is a great teacher/ mentor. His sessions are informative, encouraging and uplifting. He imparts the joy of music to his students.


Kieran is a talented and inspirational choir director and music and piano teacher. I highly recommend him to my friends who want to learn the piano.


Dr. Kieran Crichton has been my organ teacher for the last couple of years. At the end of my career as a piano teacher I have decided to try to learn to play such a complicated and demanding instrument as organ. "No small Feat" for a teacher.

      Kieran is not just a brilliant musician, organist and pianist but also incredibly enthusiastic and creative teacher. The lessons were fun and my progress with the" king of all instruments" suprisingly fast.

All credit to such a dedicated and amazing teacher.


Kieran is an excellent musician and a wonderful teacher. I hope that this online school will give many students the opportunity of learning music in a new way and benefiting  from  the skills and encouragement of Dr. Kieran, as I have done.