• Kieran Crichton

So how did it all begin?

It all began with the Covid-19 lockdown in March 2020. This was a challenging time for piano teachers and their students, who had to make a sudden transition to teaching online. I had a very different experience. Some of my students had already transitioned online before the lockdown began, and I was able to support the rest to take up online lessons within the first couple of weeks of restrictions.

There were some surprising discoveries in the transition. Where I had previously travelled to teach in student’s homes, suddenly there was a lot of hours back in the week that could be given to lesson planning and development of resources. I had a huge amount of energy that meant I was able to make good use of the extra planning time, and still had enough to spare that I took up running.

Traveling imposed limitations on the learning resources I could bring to student’s homes. My library became easily available to students in real time during lessons. This made lessons more interesting for both students and teacher.

I had some big best moments in the first few months of teaching online.

One was when three of my students went forward for exams after a term and a half of online lessons. Two of them were presenting for their first-ever exam. All three achieved excellent results.

Another was working with an organ student who suddenly found himself locked out of his practice venue. We turned lessons around to focus on keyboard harmony, and started to explore music that he was passionate about. This led on to a set of four-chord composing exercises that provide a continuing source of fun and enjoyment.

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