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Play By Heart Music: Learn on Zoom!

Play By Heart Music is Kieran Crichton’s online piano studio. Lessons are offered online through Zoom.

Zoom lessons offer you some great advantages if you are an older beginner, or returning to the piano after a time away, or looking for a different way to learn that will challenge you in a new way.

The biggest advantage is convenience. You don’t have to travel to a teacher’s studio, or have a teacher visit your home. Your own practice space is the place where your lessons are held, in the comfort of your own home with your own instrument.

The next biggest advantage is that online is local to almost everywhere. If you live in an area where finding the right teacher for you has been challenging, online lessons offer you a way to connect to someone who might be able to support your aims.

Lessons on Zoom offer a unique learning environment for students. Screen sharing offers opportunities to create an immersive experience for working on important areas of musical literacy such as sight reading, aural studies, theory, technical exercises, and scales. Many students progress quickly through a large amount of material in this way.

Online lessons are great for many people. But there are limitations to this style of teaching. It is not suitable for very young beginners who do best with the physical presence of a teacher to help model basic techniques. The students who do best are either self-starters by studying Youtube tutorials, or have done previous work with a teacher.

If you would like to explore online lessons with me, simply get in touch through the form on my home page.

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